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What is pymat?

PyMat exposes the MATLAB engine interface allowing Python programs to start, close, and communicate with a MATLAB engine session. In addition, the package allows transferring matrices to and from an MATLAB workspace. These matrices can be specified as NumPy arrays, allowing a blend between the mathematical capabilities of NumPy and those of MATLAB.

An example module is included (pyplot) that wraps some of MATLAB's plotting functions, allowing for simple plots of NumPy arrays.

The original home for PyMat was Andrew Sterian's Python Software page. You can find older versions there or in the CVS repository.

How do I get it?

Go to the SourceForge CVS page
.tgz, .rpm, .exe or .zip (source)
Go to the SourceForge Files page

How do I build it?

  1. Make sure you have a version of Python with distutils.
  2. Make sure you have a recent version of Python's Numeric extensions installed.
  3. Make sure you have a C++ compiler supported by distutils.
  4. Make sure you have a recent version of Matlab.
  5. In the top of the pymat source directory, make sure that the matlab_dir and matlab_plat variables are properly set.
  6. execute 'python build'

What has been tested?

Release 1.1.90
  • Win2k, Python 2.2.2, Numeric 23, Matlab 6.5, MSVC 6
  • Red Hat Linux 9, Numeric 23, Matlab 6.5
  • Red Hat Linux Severn, Numeric 23, Matlab 6.5
  • Win2k, Python 2.2.3 (Enthought Edition), Matlab 6.1, MSVC 6
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